What are the Different Types of Drill Rigs for Sale?

The market has a lot to offer when it comes to the different types of drill rigs for sale. When trying to look for a drill rig system, the type of rig you must look for will depend upon your specific needs. 

oil rigs drilling

Drilling rigs are pieces of machines, designed and built to help in creating ground holes, the purpose of which is far too many to mention here now. Drill rig systems usually come in many different sizes, some can be an expansive structure housing equipment that can be taken advantage of to drill oil wells, water wells, and sometimes even natural gas wells, too. Alternatively, there are also smaller variants that are portable types and thus can be manually carried by a single person, and known in the industry as an auger. 


We can use them when overseeing the installation of fabrication projects on a sub-surface basis such as underground utilities, tunnels, and wells. Unlike in the past decades, drilling rigs nowadays offer more flexibility in such a way that you can mount them on trucks, tracks, and trailers. Alternatively, you can also choose to mount them on either on more permanent marine-based land-based structures such as oil platforms, which is more popularly known to many of us as offshore rigs. They are named that way even when there are no available drill rigs for sale.  


Drilling rig types found in the market today can be small and portable, much like those we are accustomed to seeing in mineral exploration works, water wells, and environmental investigations. There is this focus on the level of portability because traditional types of good rigs can be utilized for long-term basis drilling projects. The bigger types of drilling rigs can manage drilling through hundreds and hundreds of miles into the crust of the Earth.


This will produce huge amounts of mud, and the resulting slurry is made to circulate by pumping them through the drilling mechanism. We have a handful of other kinds of drilling rig systems, like the land-based ones.   Most often than not they are the ones that can be utilized for use in almost any kind of exploration works and projects. 

Another type of drill rigs for sale that can be easily found in the market is the coiled tubing rigs. 

This kind of drill rig system makes use of the technology behind coiled tubing.  The pipe system used here comes in continuous length and is stored in large size pools. It is highly advantageous because it lowers the amount of the drilling waste that it produces, while at the same time also it minimizes equipment footprints. 

A drill rig system of this kind is most ideal for use in areas or regions where the environment can be best described as highly sensitive.  Seasoned professionals here also recommend to use it on occasions you need to re-enter existing wells as well as when there are unnecessary multiple casing in wells. 


As for the jack-up rigs, they are best used in large bodies of water that are relatively shallow, ideally with a depth that is more or less 300 feet. It is comparable to a floating barge, equipped with a drilling system with long legs. Drillships are intended for use in farther offshore explorations. With this type, it allows drilling to almost 10,000 feet deep in water.