The Importance of pH Level According to Pool And Spa Warehouse Team

If you have access to a pool and spa warehouse team, they will tell you that maintaining the proper chemical balance of your swim spa water will not only make it sparkling clean, but it is also of paramount importance in keeping your water pump and water heater and the other system components of your outdoor swim spa from getting damaged. The proper balance of chemicals in your swim spa water parallels with the balance of its pH level.  

But what is water’s pH level? Does it follow that you have to have a good scholastic record in high school chemistry first to know what this is and understand how it impacts your swim spa water? No, that is not even necessary. The water pH level is its measure of the balance between alkalinity and acidity. If there is an imbalance in this area, that would indicate various problems are likely to occur. 

The water pH level would usually range from 1 to 14. If the pH measuring kit registers a lower number, it is indicating that the water is more acidic than it should be, whereas a higher number signifies that it is more alkaline. As for a swim spa, the recommended pH level should be right in the middle. Those professionals working in a pool and spa warehouse would often say that the ideal pH range for outdoor water entertainment features like swim spas should have 7.3 to 7.6. A pH level in this range allow for cleanest water and optimum performance.

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Water is too alkaline if the pH level goes higher than 7.8. There is a downside here when water is too alkaline and that is it will affect the effectiveness of chlorine and make it weak. Chlorine is a chemical added to swimming pools to exterminate harmful pathogens that might be present in the water. Aside from this, a high pH level may also induce skin rashes and may bring about cloudiness in your pool water. This is also the reason behind the white scaling you see on your pool equipment. Over time, the piping system of your swim spa will suffer from scaling. Failure to address this would eventually restrict the water flow. If this happens, it will put a strain on the circulation system of your pool. You know for a fact that this will eventually translate into costly repairs.  

Reasons Why Proper pH Level is Critical

1. Low pH levels may cause skin and eye irritation. 

2. A high pH level will affect chlorine. 

3. An imbalanced level of pH may induce damage to your swim spa’s vinyl liners. 

4. The low pH level of water in a swim spa can cause corrosion. 

5. High pH levels will cause your water to have a cloudy appearance. 

Getting Rescued by Reducers

You can make use of additive chemicals (made for pools), known as pH reducer, to pull the pH level of your swim spa water down. Retailers would sometimes refer to them as pH minus so don’t allow yourself to get confused by that because they are the same. 

pH reducers usually have 2 main active ingredients, sodium bisulfate, and muriatic acid. These products are usually available in most Australia spa parts stores, pools supply stores, online, and even from home improvement centers near your place.  

Take extreme caution when you are handling such a powerful chemical as muriatic acid. They’re so strong that they are used to etch concrete. If you bought it in liquid form, see to it that you handle it with utmost care to avoid accidental splashes and spills. As for the sodium bisulfate, you will usually find them in granule form. Through our personal experience, we know that they are easier and safer to handle than muriatic acid. Nevertheless, you should still wear a protective dust mask to keep you from inhaling dust particles coming from its granules.