Who Should be Using an Adjustable Bed?

Adjustable beds these days are no longer relegated to hospital rooms. 

Gone are the days that you will find them in other similar health care facilities and establishments. These types of beds are also known by many other names such power bases or power beds. From hospital rooms, the adjustable type of bed has found its way to residential bedrooms.

A handful of mattress companies in the country today are also offering flexible bed frame systems to the market. The prices for the said bed frame offerings would be ranging from several hundred to a couple of thousand dollars. 

Manufacturing companies for adjustable types of beds tout their products as an upgraded version of traditional beds by virtue of motorized frame that allows users to raise and lower the foot or the head of the mattress to their heart’s content. 

Sometimes they are also equipped with a small electric motor. This provides them the adequate amount of energy they need to work. Incorporated to the most recent models of the adjustable type of beds in the market today are smart-home technology. 

This signifies that what you are seeing as new product releases are likely  to have programmable light, USB ports, sleep monitoring, or voice assistance systems. Needless to say, incorporating smart home technology to these types of beds will transform your bedroom to  your sleeping quarter hub. 

While more and more homes today are slowly being transformed to become what we call “smart homes”, we can anticipate that these smart integrations would be more common in almost every conceivable home appliance there is in the market. 

Power bed or adjustable bed is no exception to this, enticing target markets with technology integrations in the form of app-controlled remotes, voice-command control, or underbed night lights.  

We can safely say that the number of adjustable types of beds out there in the world today is still relatively small, but the thing about it is that it is on the rise now. In the US alone, it is approximated that at least 9% of homes across the whole country own an adjustable type of bed frame. This is with regard to the information provided by the International Sleep Products Association. 

Additionally, sales figures for this type of bed system have increased to a whopping 200%, which covered the years 2011 to 2015.  

Define Your Sleep Style

Bed frames with adjustable base might prove as a comfy choice for anyone who likes to sit on the bed first while watching his favorite TV soap before going to sleep. Or if it is the only time of the day that you can surf the Web using your laptop computer. It almost feels like you are having a couch right inside your bedroom.  

But if your reason for having a bed that can be adjusted to your needs is for health reasons, know that even though manufacturers would make a high claim that their product offering can significantly help in alleviating, say, back pains — doctors would make a stand on this asserting that it is debatable.  

adjustable bed

Beds that are designed with some type of adjustable features may offer users with neck, back, or spine problems a certain degree of comfort, relief, and other benefits — however, don’t even think they are necessary. 

Know first that there are manufacturers who’d assert that their mattresses would work best if you will use their offered proprietary adjustable bed frames. But what you can do instead is verify first their compatibility even before making any decision to take the plunge. 

Cleaning Techniques and Machines for Hospital Flooring

Hospitals and other medical facilities often feature a considerable number of patients who are on the road to recover from ailments, injuries, and other conditions. To help them recover successfully, it is important that all surfaces in the hospitals are cleaned, sanitized, and smells fresh. But given the high traffic in the majority of hospitals, this becomes a challenging task. Given this, cleaning professionals’ resort to the use of hospital flooring cleaners.

New Generation Technique for Hospital Flooring

Maintaining wide areas of hard surfaces like hospital floors could be very time-consuming and tiresome if cleaning professionals will keep using conventional cleaning equipment like mops, brushed, and cleaning chemicals. Even the best scrubbing efforts is sometimes not enough to get rid of dirt build-up on the floor. If this happens to be the situation that you are in, then it’s the best time to switch to the more advanced cleaners and methods.

The newest versions of cleaners that are available from suppliers make use of pressurized steam to achieve the best cleaning results. This is all thanks to the latest technologies and different attachments. Such cleaning system is great to use on various floor types like stone, concrete, rubber, marble, and tile.

In order to maintain walkways, driveways, parking lots, and other areas in the hospital that might not have available electrical sockets, such floor cleaners also come with gasoline engines. These fuel-powered versions are a lot more mobile compared to their electric versions. This also contributes to higher productivity as users can move them around without the risk of tripping over electrical cords. The gas-run versions are best for vast areas like large halls, parking lots, and storage areas.

Handy Cleaning Machines

Quality-grade cleaning systems are available from reputable brands and they are better when it comes to versatility. Given this, hard surface cleaners can perform the functions of several machines like the following.

1) Steam Power Washers- By reaching pressure levels of up to 4000 psi, the use of steam temperatures of up to 330ºF and flow rates of 4gpm, they give the cleaning action of these steam power cleaners. Such purpose of portable hard-surface cleaners is vital when it comes to degreasing the floors and maintaining any concrete surface.

2) Hard-surface Spinner Cleaner: The spinner attachments are accessible with the hard-floor cleaner helps the machine to be more capable of working as a spinner cleaner. By just attaching the large, 19-inch spinner head to the tile floor, the cleaner allows users to maintain wide areas quickly and easily.

3)Wall cleaner: For this one, the squeegee wand and spinner head make the hard surface cleaners to be able to work as wall cleaners.

4) Sludge extractor: These floor cleaning machines that come with sludge extractor help extract high volumes of water from the floors. With this, these portable hard-surface cleaners have high flow rates of 30gpm.

There are also types of hard floor cleaner systems that come with detergent injection functions. This allows the discharge of detergent enriched steam for excellent floor cleaning results. With all these machines and techniques, maintaining hospital floors has become so much easier.