Information You Ought to Know About Brick Slips in Australia

If you are in search of a faster way to clad your home or make some upgrade on your exterior, then brick slips in Australia is the answer you might be looking for. These are thin pieces of masonry that duplicate the look of modern brick. They can be used in a range of colors and styles to suit traditional and contemporary projects.

Brick Slip: What Makes it?

The materials that make up a brick slip are made in one of two ways. First is an amendment of the method for a conventional brick. This produces a cost-friendly product. An extruded clay is rundown of the construction line, but it is wire cut to slimline profiles prior to firing them in a kiln. This type is also called as pre-formed slips.

The units could be seen from the look of standard clay brick. This option is considered to be more traditional and produces the so-called real brick slips. This procedure is very useful if you prefer modified units, for instance, where thickness should be diverse or if you want to opt for a cladding that has been hewn from a hand-made masonry.

Why Choose Brick

As they are intended to copy how the masonry looks, the majority of slips are produced to match the metric dimensions of the brick, although there are suppliers that could cater to special order sizes.

How do They Work?

Different brick slips sizes in Australia are often available as individual units so they could fit to a backing board. This process is like that when tiling. The horizontal lines are being prepared to help in positioning. Then a specific adhesive is applied and then slips are set in place, often beginning with corner units.

You may also produce a cladding panel that has already been decked out with a finish, thus lessening the downtime on site. At the same time, interlocking prefabricated boards are readily available so ensure accurate alignment. Such a manufacturing process gives an added layer of quality control.

Brick Slips Home Cladding
Brick Slips Home Cladding

Insulated Brick Slips Cladding

Among the most popular applications of these brick slips are as a finish for wall insulation. Just like with modern slips, their units could be bonded to a substrate on-site or they can be supplied as a pre-insulated cladding panel. These two options are great when upgrading your existing solid wall homes in order to achieve a modern standard of energy efficiency while still preserving the regular brick exterior.

This kind of system is famous for new builds, specifically in which a masonry finish is intended for construction processes like insulating concrete form work, timber frame, solid walls, and structural insulated panels. In addition, this offers an opportunity to lessen wall thickness compared to conventional brick and block, thus it is possible to get a great internal floor space.With all this information, it is no wonder why brick slips have become so popular in today’s time for different projects and why we see them everywhere. To learn more about the benefits of using brick slips, just click on this link.