The Practical Applications of Water Jet Cutting Machine

We are so used to hearing that water jet cutting machines have fast turnaround times, and that they have a high level of precision in cutting materials. Industry insiders are asserting that this method of cutting can cut almost anything imaginable. Now is the perfect time for something new, let us try to delve deeper into the handful of applications that a waterjet cut can be best suited for.

Industry-Specific Applications

The ability of waterjet technology to cut through a wide spectrum of materials, together with its high level of accuracy and quality, making it one of the preferred methods of choice in many industries.

We show you below some of these sectors. These industries are smart enough to make use of the water jet cutter technology for their various material profiling requirements.



Waterjet cutting method, this modern method of material cutting technique is most preferred by the leading names in the aviation universe. Leading figures who are involved in this industry use waterjet cut technology cutting for the following:

  • Components of the engine (alloys that are heat-resistant, aluminum, titanium)
  • Titanium-built bodies used in building aircraft for the military
  • Panels for interior cabin
  • Structural components intended for use in special purpose aircraft
  •  Turbine blade trimming 


The remarkable cutting power of the waterjet cutting machine is also well-known in the industry of automobile, particularly in train and car production. Enlisted below are some of the automotive parts where waterjet cut is most essential.

  • Interior trim, which includes your carpet,  headliners, trunk liners
  • Fiberglass body parts
  • Cut interiors in many different angles
  • Special exhaust systems for flanges
  • Specialized metal gaskets intended for antique cars
  • Custom-made components and brake disks  for racing cars
  • Specialized  skid plates intended for use of off-road motorcycles
  • Decorative fittings and brackets 
  • Gaskets (Copperhead)
  • Custom-made bodies of  motorcycles
  • Firewall
  • Insulation
  • Foam
  • Under-hood
  • Bed liners for trucking system


The wide array of benefits of waterjet cutting technology can be seen in its contribution to lower production costs of electrical components. This is imperative for any who want to make their lead in the oversaturate technological market of today. The areas in this sector where waterjet machines are most utilized include the following: 

  • Board circuits
  • Cable stripping for use or application in insulation coverings
  • Specialized control panels and electrical enclosures
  • Control panels for elevators
  • Portable generator components


Waterjet cutting machines ability to deliver precision machining even of extremely small parts qualify it as most suitable for surgical or medical applications. This cutting-edge technology can be seen used in the following applications: 

  • Surgical instrument blanking out.
  • Cutting components for  artificial limb
  • Carbon braces fabrication
  • Production of orthopedic appliances
Architectural Design
Staircase Artwok Architectural

Artwork, Design, Architectural

The creative and design industry benefits the most from waterjet cutting. From textile design to architecture, below are some of the common practical applications for waterjet technology in this industry.

  • Architectural designs and artistic murals
  • Metal artwork for outdoor applications as seen in special lighting,  theme park, or a museum artwork
  • Architectural trim components 
  • Window system applications 
  • Signage letters in marble, glass, marble, aluminum, brass, and plastic

Wrapping Up

We still have a growing list of industries that are taking advantage of waterjet cut for their material cutting requirements. Therefore, it is not possible to put up an exhaustive list of applications where this technology is utilized. But our main goal in giving all these is to give you a picture of how extensive are the capabilities of a waterjet machine.