As one of our valued site visitors, we may necessitate that you provide us a few Personally Identifiable Information. This should allow us and our team to provide you with better site experience while you are on our site and using our Service. 

This Personally Identifiable Information may include but will not be limited to your name, email address, phone number, or postal address. The purpose we have for collecting such information is solely to contact and identify you.  

Log Data

Each time you visit our website, our servers will collect some information that your network will volunteer to us. This protocol is referred to as the Log Data. A log data consists of your computer’s Internet Protocol address or “IP”, pages on our site that you visited the most, the amount of time you had on visiting those pages, the web browser version you are using to navigate our site, and a host of other relevant statistical information.  

Limiting Collection 

The Personal Identifiable Information that our system collected will be limited to what is necessary for the purposes we outlined. We need to have your consent in collecting your Personal Identifiable Information. The conduct of this may be carried out in person, via a telephone call, or by email correspondence at the most.  

Limiting Disclosure and Retention

The use and the disclosure of your Personal Identifiable Information are limited only to the purposes we originally intended to use them in, unless that you consented otherwise. Another exception to this is when the law permits it so. Your Personal Identifiable Information may be retained by our systems for a definite amount of time. This will allow us to fulfill the original purpose we intend to have them in. Or as the law would prescribe.