Is Furniture Hire in Melbourne Going to Become the Next Big Home Design Trend?

In the days of ride sharing, subscription, and streaming service galore, we can’t deny the fact that the  very word “owning” has been displaced from our personal bag of words. This word has become a lot less vital these days, and this is also true when it comes to furniture. 

The younger people of today, the millennials, are opening their eyes to the world of looming student loans and other similar debts to the state. They also learn how to get used to a  life of moving from one lease to another. This fosters in them a belief system that buying furniture is not for their generation anymore. They don’t see it as something practical. 

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Surprisingly, these younger people comprise the largest chunk of the market of home buyers. This is despite the fact that the spending habits they have with regard to home buying  is very different from the generations of yesteryears. According to Bank of America Merrill Lynch, millennials tend to spend an awful lot of their income on tech devices, eating out and clothing as opposed to the older generations. Only a meager 4.5% of their income goes toward furniture buying. 

Into the scene now and picking up on the renting trend are a new crop of home decor-based rental services. From various artwork pieces to furniture items, there is a wide range of commitment-free ways to spruce up your while staying on-trend without destroying your budget. There is a manifold of furniture hire Melbourne companies that are taking bold steps toward effecting change, a revolution in the subscription-style decor system.

What Furniture Hire Companies Offer

The founding CEO of this home decorating company asserts that the age where people dreamed of owning a dream house nowadays is now a bygone era. Gone are the days when accumulating cars and having that white picket fences defined good living. What people want nowadays is just to have freedom and greater flexibility on their choices.  

As opposed to lugging your furniture and belongings every single time you are starting out on a new lease contract, renting several pieces of  must-have basic furniture instead will sound more attractive and more practical, too. Property styling furniture companies offer furniture pieces that are carefully chosen with the millennials in mind, something that doesn’t compromise on style. Pieces like a plush velvet sofa or a geometrically-designed coffee table are always in great demand in this market. 

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How Things Work with These Relocation Rentals 

These furniture hire Melbourne companies usually have a dedicated website of their own which allow their clientele to reach out to them and transact with them regarding their furniture requirements and concerns. 

On their official websites, you are presented with a gamut of available furniture pieces. Select the pieces you want to lease, indicating also your preferred rental term length. Usually, the available options they have here would be from a minimum of 3 months to a maximum of 3 years. Some would offer longer lease terms, but everything will depend on how long you prefer to have your rented pieces. 

The furniture offerings they have on their dedicated website are usually grouped into different categories. For instance, they may classify their pieces as standard, hip, and premium. Or sometimes, they would group their offerings according to style, functionality or color.  Assorting their pieces in a particular fashion will somehow give you a rough idea of their quality and the price tag each one of them comes in. No matter what choice of furnishing you choose to have, the ultimate goal  here is to make furniture hiring as affordable as possible as opposed to buying pieces of furniture. You may even come across furniture hire companies that will deliver and assemble your leased items right in the comfort of your home. This will help make your moving even less of a hassle.