Avoid These Mistakes When Selling Your Property

The use of property styling furniture when trying to sell your home is very different from styling a house where you want to stay or live in. Over the years, as the concept and the invaluable help of styling a house for sale sank slowly into the psyche of real estate professionals and homeowners, home staging became a part and parcel of selling a residential property.

In-home staging, you need to enlist the help and the services of a qualified property stylist. His work will involve giving your indoor spaces a good makeover with the primary goal of making your house look more appealing to potential buyers.

living room styling

Most of the time, at the outset for these kinds of projects, your own set of furniture which you may have accumulated over the years may not have a place of their own during the home staging period. Meaning to say, you may need to put them out or have them stored somewhere else while your home staging project is ongoing.

The main reason why we should not think of home staging as just a fad in the industry is that it is helping people sell their house rather more quickly and more often than not they are being sold at top price. Styled homes are likely to spend lesser amounts of time in the market compared to a home that wasn’t staged.

To get the most out of your home staging experience, you need to be aware of the following pitfalls. These are the usual mistakes that other homeowners had before. Therefore, consider learning from their errors and you will save yourself a thousand hassle and disappointments.

Remove everything in sight that is personal, from photos to decor.

You may be the homeowner, that is true. But that does not mean to say that you need to leave your personal mark anywhere inside the property. When you list your house on the property market and are on the hunt for prospective buyers, it is crucial that you free it up of anything and everything about the previous owners and that is you.

Freshen up your wall paints to a white or neutral palette.

You may see your tangerine-painted bedroom walls as the extension of your bright personality but unfortunately, that will not do so much help in turning inspectors into interested buyers. If you have wallpaper or feature walls inside your house, you may need to paint them over. Our best suggestion here is to coat your walls with white paint.

Doing so will give your indoor spaces a fresh new look, and will brighten up the feel of your home. But the best part about it is that it will help your potential buyers see the potential of your indoor space and personalise the same as they see it fit.

Organise your cupboards

Your cupboard can easily become a trove of a lot of sins. The moment, though, that a potential cupboard comes to an open home, they would be most keen on finding out the amount of storage space you have in there. For this, you need to declutter, free up a good amount of space in that area, that way they will look neat and tidy.

Having less in furniture is actually more

An extended sofa may be necessary to accommodate everyone in your household, but your living space tends to have so much more value when there is less furniture in it. Remove unnecessary, bulky items that make the space cramped and tight. You can replace them instead with an edgy set of property styling furniture.

Usually, a reputable home stylist can provide you with an array of fine furnishing and accent items, perfectly helpful in achieving the look and drama needed to stage your home.


Keep in mind that staging your home to offer it up in the property market is not going to be an easy job. But sure is going to be a rewarding one the moment that the work is done, listed up as a property for sale, and most importantly offers start pouring in.