Find Out the Right Patient’s Diet After Bariatric Surgery

So many people today suffer from being overweight. With this comes so many options available to shed off those extra pounds. But it is important to know that there are various types of surgeries available and choosing the most appropriate one is one key to achieve weight loss goals.

The recovery period for bariatric surgery will require the patient ‘s eating habits to adjust and be different.

Eating Habits After Bariatric Surgery

watermelon juice
  1. After surgery, the belly is only going to have 100 to 150 milliliters so the topic will feel complete incredibly quick. Overeating will enlarge the belly once again.
  2. For the first 3 to 4 days the individual is allowed to eat just small caloric foods.
  3. Subjects must stay away from sugars, particularly those found in liquids since they’ll considerably slow down the weight loss system. These sugars don’t stand for a genuine nutrient for one’s entire body.
  4. Fat fried foods and foods must have stayed away from since they’re harder to break down and have very low quantities of vitamins and minerals that the body needs.
  5. Patients should not consume greedily slowly swallowed and every bit should be perfectly chewed. In the second the individual feels saturated, he/she should stop eating. In case vomiting occurs after lots of meals consecutively, a client might get a dehydrating symptom. With this situation, subjects will be highly recommended drinking liquids with electrolytes for some time and just when they are going to feel better to restart consuming solid food items.
  6. After gastric sleeve surgery, people need to take care of each day’s administration of the required amount of fluids, preferably clean water. The recommended serving is no less than 1.5 liters or even more, based on each individual ‘s weight and stature.
  7. If certain symptoms occur such as headache, vomiting, nausea, dark urine the individual should inform the doctor of his.
  8. Never drink fluids fifteen minutes prior to getting a meal or maybe 30 to 40 minutes after, is recommended; these may enlarge the stomach size once more and make it is digestive juices to be diluted for good digestion.
  9. Subjects of gastric sleeve surgery won’t consume over three meals one day and, only in case they are truly hungry; will take just one individual snack between meals. Every food people consume should be reached in nutrients. Typically, among the meals must be particularly reached in proteins. The primary foodstuffs individuals must ingest are those abundant in proteins, fruits, cereals, and vegetables.
  10. Checking intolerance to specific ingredients that may seem after gastric sleeve surgery is likewise essential. In case one food type isn’t well-tolerated, an individual must just take a one-week break before attempting it once again. Various food types must be introduced slowly and one at a time (meal), never ever coupled, in order to stay away from indigestion.
  11. For those people that don’t put up with lactates, there are supplements that will help the digestion of theirs.

It is important to know that following these diet restrictions is a must to achieve long-term success and better living.

Water Jet Cutting Technology for Glass Cutting Projects

From the time that it was first introduced to the world of manufacturing and fabrication, the technology of water jet cutting has undergone an array of changes and development. Today it is considered as an industry standard, particularly in the glass processing space. 

Waterjet cutting is a great method to employ when working on glass cutting projects. This cutting edge technology allows you to execute shapes and contours that other types of material cutting methods only dream of making. You can take advantage of all these flexibility of applications without needing to spend too much. Hence, it is very cost-effective. 

From tabletop inlays down to detailed stained glass designs, glass ornaments, mirrors, replacement mirrors for vintage cars, and many more. The list of applications could go on. Truly, there is no glass cutting application which water jet cutting process won’t be able to handle. 

Dubbed as one of the most seamless, fastest, and most cost-effective ways to process glass, waterjet technology can be found being utilized in the following areas: 

  • Stair tread system
  • Shower mirrors & screens
  • Tabletop inlays
  • Hardware door holes
  • Balustrade panels
  • Architectural work 
  • Production of glass splashbacks

Enterprises that work around the glass cutting space are among the most ideal applications for waterjet cutting technology. It does not involve the use of any tooling materials. Also, it will allow you to make precision cuts, from the most intricate LED light glass down to a thick bullet-resistant and laminated glass, which is about 4 inches thick.

These pieces of cutting equipment come with a fine cutting stream, around 1mm or 0.040 inches. This makes it possible for you to waterjet cut glass materials to almost any kind of shape or form your project may require. 

Why use water jet cutting process when working on GLASS Cutting Project?

We have compiled below some of the beautiful reasons why waterjet cutting technology nowadays is dubbed as the new “norm” in the glass fabricating industry:

  1. In complete contrast to the traditional method of glass cutting, employing waterjet technology will make the cutting process snappy.
  2. Waterjet is attracting the attention of various industries due to its exceptional edge quality. In many instances, this will necessitate very little to no additional treatment. 
  3. Precise cutting of internal cutouts is hard to execute in many other kinds of cutting machinery. 
  4. Operators will find that waterjet technology is giving them a level of flexibility like no other. 
  5. Works perfectly okay with laminated glass. 
  6. Cost-effective method for glass cutting.

You need to have a calculated move whenever you work with glass. It is because glass is naturally fragile and delicate. For that reason, the natural tendency of glass is to crack at the slightest trigger. Therefore, it is crucially important that you produce the initial holes by employing reduced pressure of 7,200 PSI/500 bar and hike that up to 11,600 PSI/500.

When it comes to ceramics, glass, and a load of other brittle, fragile materials, it is important that you gradually turn up and lower the cutting pressure by virtue of the intensifier pump’s proportional pressure control. Not observing this will run the risk of your material eventually either getting damaged of unimaginable proportions or it would just be destroyed.

If your glass cutting project requires the use of a finer and softer abrasive material, olivine can be taken into account. It is a perfect alternative in the absence or unavailability of quartz sand. And because this material is much softer, using it is more advantageous in such a way that it minimizes the possibility of chipping and cracking in your glass material to occur. 

And since water jet cutting machines will never cause vibration while cutting through your glass material, it will not generate heat-affected zones (HAX). Furthermore, it will not give your glass material any rough edges, and no secondary finishing works would be necessary for that matter.

How to Thicken Hair and Save Your Money?

Countless numbers of people today, both male and female, are plagued by hair thinning and hair loss issues and it’s moving them in different directions to find various ways on how to thicken hair without needing to spend too much money. There is a sundry of options out there, with that what are the odds that they will chance upon a silver lining for this kind of concern? Is there such a thing as an instant hair loss treatment in the market today?

If you will search out the Internet, it will not take you very long to realize that the cyberspace is indeed a treasure trove of DIY remedies. Most offered solutions on the Web for hair loss vary from completely genius to outrageous and weird. We completely understand everyone who has this kind of concern, when it is all about getting good, desired results, we are always more than willing to give everything a try. We want to see which one works.

There is no surefire way to know if a suggested method or treatment solution offered by someone on the Internet will give your mane the little extra “oomph” you are looking for. Usually, you need to try them first to see if they are going to yield good, desirable results or not.

Natural remedies for hair loss issues are getting more popular these days, but regardless if it is natural treatment or not, here is our bottom-line question: is it even possible for us to regrow thicker hair?

Possibility of Growing Thicker Hair

If you pay attention to the details of every hair loss treatment offered on the Web, you’ll see that the secret to growing back thicker hair strands has something to do with supporting and stimulating hair growth the natural way. But it is important to see that hair loss can be induced by multiple issues. This means to say that what worked for one person might not work for you.

1. Try biotin supplements

Biotin is not going to be as popular as it is nowadays for no good reason. Because it did a great job for many in as far as helping many recoup their lost crowning glory. While there is a limited amount of research about its level of effectiveness in causing hair to grow back again, it might not work amazingly well for you if your body does not have any deficiency in this area.

Deficiency in biotin may bring about hair loss. It may also induce irritation on the skin, mouth, nose, and eyes. If you ever see biotin listed as an active ingredient in hair growth products, shampoos or anything similar, see to it that you don’t get yourself into the hype. Biotin is most effective when consumed orally. Since this kind of vitamin is water-soluble, any excess you consume will be flushed out from your body through your urine.

2. Keep Your Hair Hydrated and Healthy

The use of castor oil can work wonders to your hair in as far as giving it some sheen is concerned. But you can also use it as a deep conditioning mask. For this, massage generous amounts of this oil onto your head, cover using a shower cap and leave it on for a good 2 hours or so. After which, shampoo it off as you normally would on regular days. See to it that you rinse off the oil well, otherwise, it will your hair greasy and limp.

3. Give Your Hair a Shot at Green Tea

Green tea is highly reputed in the tea manufacturing industry not just for the various health-promoting benefits it offers such as possible alleviation of risks for type-2 diabetes and cancer. Tests are also showing that they can have an anti-androgen effect. What does this mean to say? This signifies that it can significantly help in keeping the risk of hair loss and baldness at bay.

While we can’t argue the fact that these assertions about green tea require further investigation and study, we have to settle to the fact that for whatever it’s worth, the fact remains that it is good for our health, too, in many aspects of it.

4. Use Hair Fibres

Perhaps the easiest and most convenient way to have again a full volume of hair on your head (and even if you are not having hair loss concerns) is to take advantage of hair fibers. Hair fibers in the market – this may be the lone product to use when all you want is an instant way to camouflage your thinning crown.

This is a non-invasive, non-procedural approach to conceal thinning of hair. We highly recommend this to people who are always on the go but need to carry with them a good level of confidence in a jiffy, which only this kind of product can deliver.

Absorbent Mat: A Great Way to Cut Down Expenses

Industrial facilities can get messy. So can other places where people get a lot of work done. And with spilled liquids on the floor more often than you would like, slip and fall accidents are bound to happen sooner or later. Fortunately, there is an easy way to avoid problems: absorbent mat.

That is right. The solution could be as simple as protecting your hallways and walkways by covering them with absorbent mats. Not only do the mats help protect you from liability problems resulting from accidents, but they will also help keep the facility clean and neat looking.

slip and fall

Absorbent Mat: Your Way to Save Money

Oil leaks can be costly and a hassle to clean up. So why not cover your bases, quite literally. Read on to discover various ways in which a well-placed absorbent mat can make your facility safer while cutting your maintenance expenses.

When it comes to choosing an absorbent mat, the most obvious pick would be a universal oil drip floor mat with a backing that is non-penetrable. It will definitely keep spills contained and your floors clean.

There are so many ways you can use such a mat. You can place it under fleet vehicles so it can soak up any drips from vehicle leaks. That is actually a vital part of just about any storm runoff water pollution prevention program. And it’s also considered a so-called Best Management Practice, yet it’s very inexpensive and easy to use.

Using it for Different Places

You can also use an absorbent mat on walkways in various places, whether it’s around equipment or on carpet walkways in the office. No matter where you use it, it will reduce your cleaning costs.

What qualities should you look for in a good absorbent mat? First of all, look for a tough top that’s super absorbent. And also, make sure it has non-skid and non-penetrable backing. After all, you don’t what the oil to leak through!

You can get them in various widths to fit most purposes, and you can even get them in entire rolls. In spite of the tough nature of absorbent mats, they can actually be cut with scissors.

And if you find a big roll unwieldy, you could just get a heavy-duty roll rack. It will keep your roll off the floor and make it easy to “dispense” however many mats you may need. And of course, all it takes is a pair of scissors to cut exactly the right size absorbent mat from the big roll.

Still, if you need something more heavy-duty, there are many more choices, from railroad track mats to forklift mats, to suit your needs.

So, if oil drips and leaks are something you’re concerned about, an absorbent mat may be just the ticket to protect your floors and help you avoid the need for messy clean-up.

If you are looking for a simple, yet effective way to cut down expenses in the workplace while making sure that everyone is safe, then getting the right mat is a good start. 

Air Compressor Repairs: When is the Best Time for Servicing

Even the toughest of kit involves servicing, whether it is regularly by law when the outside forces get damaged, or in case the effects of use gradually build up through time. Therefore, air compressor repairs are a must.

Knowing the revealing warnings of wear and tear and tear, realizing your product’s requirements and efficacy guidelines, as well as knowing when it is sensible to call for repairs are abilities that would avoid tons of your effort, time, and money.

Tips for Air Compressor Repairs

Service Early

It is always best to call during a servicing company then it’s to call certain repairs, particularly for occasionally essential pieces of equipment like air compressors that work up a mess of functions.

By doing so, you’re gaining tons of advantages over putting a bit of equipment out until it takes a breakdown, or until it’s required servicing time happens.

First of all, by requesting in commission once you notice signs instead of once you want it instantly, you’ll be ready to customize the timeframe of fixes to fit you. Repair in times when you will need the machine, instead of in times of extensive use, to maximize productivity and lower potential downtime.

Second, you avoid the danger of plant closure while you await the core machine to be restored. A vital machine to go offline are often a dreadful occurrence, particularly during high loads or in businesses with stringent, aggressive targets to beat.

Third, air compressors especially get rid of effectiveness. While a compressor could also be ‘working’ efficiently, leaks, as well as other regular maintenance-fixable items can spend 20-30% of the airflow with a mean of 19% around all that has been tested. Through the ten years of usage, a compressors main cost of capital, as well as maintenance cost structure 18% and seven of total spending, while power calls for a big 73%.

Know the signs

First – Check the manuals

First, it’s essential to know your compressor. Be sure to verify how long it suggests before repairing, as the majority of petroleum-based air compressors require changing every 500-hours approximately.

With this, check the console frequently to ascertain if any issues or errors crop up. Such may sound simple, yet it’s incredible how simple problems are neglected.

It does matter how significant the indications are if you do not know the gear you’re handling or are not checking the basic in-built warning signs.

Excessive moisture

Whenever compressor is moving, it collects moisture that has got to be in how reduced. If the compressor is generating excess condensation, it’s going to be suffering a fault within the automated drain system.

Regular tripping breakers

Machine tripping breakers signifies a mess of things. The primary response need be to right away check the circuit running the air compressor, yet if there’s no mistake there and thus the system remains to trip breakers or sometimes blow fuses, you ought to have a serviceman or woman to come immediately.

Loss of pressure or low total atmospheric pressure

If the compressor has no atmospheric pressure, you will quiet have a problem. Simply having low atmospheric pressure may be a mark reporting issues like wear and tear on both internal or external parts or sometimes an easy technical issue.

At times, this will be simply fixed, but if there’s no substantial and straightforward to identify the issue at the moment, you will be stacking up an enormous amount of failures in power costs to stay it going without having one.

On and off unresponsive

In case you cannot get the compressor working within the main place, the chances are you are not getting to be ready to get an honest read on what is not right with it. Its primary thing to try to make sure the circuit, as well as other apparent things, but again, if it is not clear, it’d be the best time for a restoration job.

Repairs are very important but knowing when is the best time to do it plays an important role to maintain the best performance of the machine.

An In-Depth Guide to Identifying Authentic 4G Antenna

The initial step towards identifying the right antenna for your wireless service and mobile device is to have an in-depth understanding of 4G antennas. While both 3G and 4G antennas are wired and structured using the same basic principles, several other factors come into the picture when you use a 4G antenna. 

When it comes to this type of technology, you must understand certain details and concepts about it. Even though the 4G type of antenna comes in many different types, there are a few things you need to look into first before making a choice.  

With respect to certain functions and installation, 3G and 4G type of antennas are almost the same in such a way that they are sharing the same basic principles. 4G connectivity, however, is fairly new and that the specifications about it are yet to be defined and outlined by the ITU-R or the International Telecommunications Union. When it comes to determining 4G network availability and network performance, this will cause us to encounter gray areas, this is despite the fact that we are now implementing an increasing number of 4G networks and more are being made accessible via wireless carriers.  

The main problem we have about the 4G type of antenna involves identifying exactly what comprises it and whether or not we have a legitimate 4G network where we can integrate a 4G antenna. Coming second to this is the fact that we need to identify if a 4G type of antenna is indeed capable of supporting a 4G type of connectivity.  

While the office of ITU-R is still glued to its work towards coming up with the actual 4G specifics, LTE and WiMAX will remain as the closest thing to a 4G network. Such networks are often identified as 4G networks. This only goes to show that a 4G antenna is almost always synonymous with a WiMAX or LTE network. Therefore, if you are seeking it out, 4G type of antenna, you may put into consideration antennas from brands that indicate the terms WiMAX or LTE to describe the product.  

A handful of these manufacturing firms for the 4G type of antenna create a certain level of challenge when trying to identify the best one. The manufactured antenna has to be made compatible with your current wireless carrier service as well as the frequency they are making use of just to deliver that kind of service. To give you a clearer picture of this, let us cite an example. For instance, assume that your wireless carrier is making use of WiMAX and the standard it is using for delivery would be 802.11. This is the wireless standard designated by the IEEE for wireless LAN (Local Area Network) technologies.  

On one hand, on the assumption that your wireless carrier is utilizing LTE, the frequency they are most likely on for service delivery is operating at 700MHz. What does this indicate then? It signifies that the required 4G type of antenna must work, operate in unison with the kind of frequency that your wireless carrier is on to deliver their offered services. One crucial aspect that has remained consistent when it involves choosing LTE, 4G and WiMAX antenna is the type of cables and accessories they make use of to configure a 4G type of antenna and Wi-Fil since they are more or less consistent across the board.  

It is natural for most mobile users to be curious about what is in store for them when it comes to the 4G network when it is in full swing. We qualify that as a legitimate question, something that requires understanding to know what could be expected from a 4G type of antenna when it comes to performance.  

Since detailed specifications for 4G is yet to come soon, a handful of these telecom firms are still on with their promotions and advertisements for offered 4G accessories like antennas and many other similar devices, labeling them as “4G”. Major telecom providers like Verizon and AT&T have joined the bandwagon and are promoting their smartphones and mobile devices as “4G” ready as well.

Cleaning Techniques and Machines for Hospital Flooring

Hospitals and other medical facilities often feature a considerable number of patients who are on the road to recover from ailments, injuries, and other conditions. To help them recover successfully, it is important that all surfaces in the hospitals are cleaned, sanitized, and smells fresh. But given the high traffic in the majority of hospitals, this becomes a challenging task. Given this, cleaning professionals’ resort to the use of hospital flooring cleaners.

New Generation Technique for Hospital Flooring

Maintaining wide areas of hard surfaces like hospital floors could be very time-consuming and tiresome if cleaning professionals will keep using conventional cleaning equipment like mops, brushed, and cleaning chemicals. Even the best scrubbing efforts is sometimes not enough to get rid of dirt build-up on the floor. If this happens to be the situation that you are in, then it’s the best time to switch to the more advanced cleaners and methods.

The newest versions of cleaners that are available from suppliers make use of pressurized steam to achieve the best cleaning results. This is all thanks to the latest technologies and different attachments. Such cleaning system is great to use on various floor types like stone, concrete, rubber, marble, and tile.

In order to maintain walkways, driveways, parking lots, and other areas in the hospital that might not have available electrical sockets, such floor cleaners also come with gasoline engines. These fuel-powered versions are a lot more mobile compared to their electric versions. This also contributes to higher productivity as users can move them around without the risk of tripping over electrical cords. The gas-run versions are best for vast areas like large halls, parking lots, and storage areas.

Handy Cleaning Machines

Quality-grade cleaning systems are available from reputable brands and they are better when it comes to versatility. Given this, hard surface cleaners can perform the functions of several machines like the following.

1) Steam Power Washers- By reaching pressure levels of up to 4000 psi, the use of steam temperatures of up to 330ºF and flow rates of 4gpm, they give the cleaning action of these steam power cleaners. Such purpose of portable hard-surface cleaners is vital when it comes to degreasing the floors and maintaining any concrete surface.

2) Hard-surface Spinner Cleaner: The spinner attachments are accessible with the hard-floor cleaner helps the machine to be more capable of working as a spinner cleaner. By just attaching the large, 19-inch spinner head to the tile floor, the cleaner allows users to maintain wide areas quickly and easily.

3)Wall cleaner: For this one, the squeegee wand and spinner head make the hard surface cleaners to be able to work as wall cleaners.

4) Sludge extractor: These floor cleaning machines that come with sludge extractor help extract high volumes of water from the floors. With this, these portable hard-surface cleaners have high flow rates of 30gpm.

There are also types of hard floor cleaner systems that come with detergent injection functions. This allows the discharge of detergent enriched steam for excellent floor cleaning results. With all these machines and techniques, maintaining hospital floors has become so much easier.

Popular Myths on Testosterone Replacement Therapy in Australia

While testosterone replacement therapy Australia industry is dynamic and growing all these years, it is not immune to the wrong impressions of many people. This incorrect frame of thinking of some people about it is keeping likely patients from enjoying the health-promoting benefits of the treatment. Thus, keeping them a step away from improving the quality of their life.

If you happen to be a man who is struggling with lethargy for no apparent reason, it is possible that this condition you have has something to do with a reduced amount of testosterone in your system. Otherwise known as the male hypogonadism, it has impacted around 5% of adult men in the country.

It is saddening to see that there is a sundry of misconceptions about it, and what could be done about it. Here is a compilation of these myths, and the facts that will debunk them for good.

Myth 1: Reduced amount of testosterone in the body is normal because it is part and parcel of the natural aging process

Are you among those people who believe that low testosterone is inevitable? This line of thinking of some people is working to the disadvantage of potential testosterone replacement therapy patients. It is keeping them from obtaining the care they are in dire need of.

Testosterone levels would have a gradual decrease when a man reaches a certain age, usually past the age of 30 and up. So, while men get older and age, there is an observable decline to it – which is pretty normal. But there are instances that the drop would be so drastic that it drops well below what is considered as the healthy range.

When the decrease in testosterone is beyond the normal, health issues may come to the surface.

Myth 2: Only older men are likely to suffer from bouts of low testosterone

This is one of the many health issues we have today that are unlikely to discriminate against anyone by age. Decreased amounts of testosterone can strike and hit anyone, regardless of age, ethnicity, or previous health history. Older men don’t have a monopoly over this type of health issue.

How to tell if you are experiencing decreased testosterone already? The surefire way to determine this is by getting yourself diagnosed by a reputable TRT doctor in your area. Besides evaluating your symptoms, several blood work or tests should be carried out also. This measure will also help determine and check on various hormone levels.

estosterone Replacement Therapy Australia

Myth 3: Testosterone replacement therapy will help increase a man’s sperm count

Unfortunately, there is no truth in this but we qualify it as a sheer myth, a wrong impression of many about TRT therapy. Contrary to this belief of many, TRT medication is likely to contribute to lowering your sperm count.

TRT treatment can be administered to men medically diagnosed as having a reduced amount of testosterone in their system. There are several options for this kind of treatment that a patient can choose from, namely gels, creams, pills, patches, and injections.

This testosterone replacement therapy program in Australia may significantly help in pulling down your fatigue levels. At the same time, it may enhance your energy, sex drive, and mood. Other possible benefits that can be observed during treatment is increased strength of the muscles and dramatic improvement of bone density.

However, one should keep in mind that results you are expecting may not come in an instant. It is wrong to think though that this hormone replacement treatment will make you feel super amazing. However, it will help your body feel what you considered in your younger years as normal, which may take a long time.

There is no better way to learn more about TRT Australia than by reaching out to a reputable TRT doctor for this purpose. His expertise and exposure in this field of medicine will surely help you understand more about male testosterone and the important role it plays in the male human body.

Advantages of Eco Tiles for Your Walls and Floors

When it comes to flooring, one of the most important things that should be considered is sustainability. This means that it is important to check if the materials are from a renewable source. For instance, a carpet that is made of wool is considered to be sustainable. This is because sheep yearly regrow their fluffy coats without an effect on the environment, therefore it is a resource that can be replenished easily.

It is also a must to take into consideration whether the material could be recycled when they reach their lifespan or not. Also, the chemicals involved during the manufacturing phase should be fewer as much as possible. Another factor is durability. A short-lived floor may look beautiful, but after some years it would contribute to landfills.

Walls and floors usually take so much space in a home interior. This is why it’s not surprising for people to look for stylish eco tiles for their flooring and wall. This type of tiles is very much available today and offer a range of benefits.

Eco Tiles Benefits


Eco-friendly tiles used for walls and floors are reusable and recycle, thus they allow users to save on costs of operations and maintenance. This is also considered to be a practical choice as it offers great benefits without having to spend so much.

Healthier Lifestyle

Choosing eco-friendly materials for the home offers good indoor air quality that can benefit everyone, especially those who have elderly people and children in their home.

stylish eco tiles


Wall and flooring products provide added insulation and great acoustics to help reduce reliance on external sources of energy like heating devices and air conditioning.

Clean Environment

By means of reducing the use of environmentally polluting energy sources, products that are eco-friendly contribute to making the environment clean.

Waste Reduction

Sustainable wall and floor products are made from sustainable resources. Given this, the materials help reduce a significant amount of waste. Also, flooring that has this type of material can be transferred easily to another property, thus reducing wastes that are produced by replacing the old flooring.


Products for the walls and floors that are helpful for the environment have been more than being “green”. Today, there is a very wide range of designs that could be made using eco-friendly materials to choose from.


Compared to the conventional stereotypical type of thinking, eco-friendly materials go through a stringent quality check in order to ensure sustainability and durability for daily use.

More than just the aesthetic value, eco walls and floors reverberated with the world’s requirement for responsible renovation and construction without any fear of compromising convenience, style, and cost-efficiency.

If you are a homeowner who is on the search for amazing products and materials, you have an important role to play in this endeavour. You just have to be able to choose a good wall and flooring contractor that is also an advocate and participates and supports eco-green movements geared towards a sustainable environment for the present and future generations. This is something that everyone can benefit from.

The Importance of pH Level According to Pool And Spa Warehouse Team

If you have access to a pool and spa warehouse team, they will tell you that maintaining the proper chemical balance of your swim spa water will not only make it sparkling clean, but it is also of paramount importance in keeping your water pump and water heater and the other system components of your outdoor swim spa from getting damaged. The proper balance of chemicals in your swim spa water parallels with the balance of its pH level.  

But what is water’s pH level? Does it follow that you have to have a good scholastic record in high school chemistry first to know what this is and understand how it impacts your swim spa water? No, that is not even necessary. The water pH level is its measure of the balance between alkalinity and acidity. If there is an imbalance in this area, that would indicate various problems are likely to occur. 

The water pH level would usually range from 1 to 14. If the pH measuring kit registers a lower number, it is indicating that the water is more acidic than it should be, whereas a higher number signifies that it is more alkaline. As for a swim spa, the recommended pH level should be right in the middle. Those professionals working in a pool and spa warehouse would often say that the ideal pH range for outdoor water entertainment features like swim spas should have 7.3 to 7.6. A pH level in this range allow for cleanest water and optimum performance.

pool and spa warehouse

Water is too alkaline if the pH level goes higher than 7.8. There is a downside here when water is too alkaline and that is it will affect the effectiveness of chlorine and make it weak. Chlorine is a chemical added to swimming pools to exterminate harmful pathogens that might be present in the water. Aside from this, a high pH level may also induce skin rashes and may bring about cloudiness in your pool water. This is also the reason behind the white scaling you see on your pool equipment. Over time, the piping system of your swim spa will suffer from scaling. Failure to address this would eventually restrict the water flow. If this happens, it will put a strain on the circulation system of your pool. You know for a fact that this will eventually translate into costly repairs.  

Reasons Why Proper pH Level is Critical

1. Low pH levels may cause skin and eye irritation. 

2. A high pH level will affect chlorine. 

3. An imbalanced level of pH may induce damage to your swim spa’s vinyl liners. 

4. The low pH level of water in a swim spa can cause corrosion. 

5. High pH levels will cause your water to have a cloudy appearance. 

Getting Rescued by Reducers

You can make use of additive chemicals (made for pools), known as pH reducer, to pull the pH level of your swim spa water down. Retailers would sometimes refer to them as pH minus so don’t allow yourself to get confused by that because they are the same. 

pH reducers usually have 2 main active ingredients, sodium bisulfate, and muriatic acid. These products are usually available in most Australia spa parts stores, pools supply stores, online, and even from home improvement centers near your place.  

Take extreme caution when you are handling such a powerful chemical as muriatic acid. They’re so strong that they are used to etch concrete. If you bought it in liquid form, see to it that you handle it with utmost care to avoid accidental splashes and spills. As for the sodium bisulfate, you will usually find them in granule form. Through our personal experience, we know that they are easier and safer to handle than muriatic acid. Nevertheless, you should still wear a protective dust mask to keep you from inhaling dust particles coming from its granules.